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Stevens' applications and services for Workforce Management enable our customers to optimize agent utilization while aligning their service goals to profitability. By optimizing their personnel preferences, service goals, and workflow processes, we allow them to improve employee satisfaction and productivity while dramatically improving their customer loyalty and profitability.

Having the correct number of people with the right skills in the place at the right time is the keystone of any Workforce Management solution. Stevens enable you to achieve optimal contact center management in this era of multi-media interactions.

Featured Solution:

Impact 360 Workforce Management Forecasting and Scheduling

Accurate forecasting is the critical first step in managing your workforce. Impact 360 Workforce Management integrates with your ACD and uploads historical data directly from your ACD’s database. It produces optimal schedules down to the quarter hour by balancing the defined shift rules, work patterns, breaks, off-phone times, agent preferences, agent skills, and targeted service level goals. By matching the right agents with the right customers, productivity increases — and so do agent and customer

Planning, Adherence, and Management

To help you continually fine-tune your operations, Impact 360 Workforce Management monitors adherence to schedule. You can configure alerts to notify users of deviations from plan and use trends to reforecast, reschedule, and adjust your staffing accordingly.

Back-office Adherence

Impact 360 Workforce Management provides a complete view of adherence, including all agent front- and back-office activities. You can roll up information to present a complete picture of your entire operation.
Stevens combination of implementation knowledge, system choice, and ongoing support provides our customers with a realization of value well beyond the initial installation.  Contact us today at ( U.S.) +1 312.895.5200 to learn more.