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Stevens' provides access to a suite of "best in class" solutions that address the needs of call centers and businesses with traditional premise-based solutions as well as with hosted services. (ASP Model)

An overview of the applications and the uses are the following:

Call Recording:
  • Total Recording: 100% of calls are recorded to reduce exposure to potential liability and to improve overall corporate accountability
  • Quality Assurance: a sample population of calls are recorded and evaluated to measure the quality of service delivered to the customer
  • Selective Recording: calls are recorded on-demand to satisfy customer requirements or comply with industry regulations
Workforce Scheduling:
  • Improving efficiency of workforce scheduling and deployment
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through better management of service levels
Performance Analytics:
  • Improving the customer experience with the agents (quality assurance)
  • Increasing agent effectiveness with customers (e-learning)
  • Improving process and application effectiveness (adherence)
Hosted Applications:
  • Call Recording
  • Workforce Scheduling
  • Performance Analytics