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Whether you operate a single contact center or multiple centers that deliver
service via the telephone, voice over IP, e-mail, and the Web, Quality Monitoring
can help you achieve your contact center goals.

Steven recommends Quality Monitoring solutions that use open-standard hardware
and software platforms to maximize scalability, flexibility, and customer choice.

Featured Solution –Impact 360 Quality Monitoring

Impact 360 Quality Monitoring enables you to capture, manage, and learn from the complete range of customer interactions — voice, Web chat, e-mail, and more.

Recordings can be triggered and filed based on business rules that you establish and can be changed quickly to reflect your shifting business priorities.

Recorded interactions are filed automatically in browser-accessible folders for easy,
intuitive search and replay. This enables authorized users throughout your company to
view the entire flow of the contact, including all transfers, conferences, and hold times.

Evaluation functionality facilitates scoring of agent performance through customized
forms, reports, and graphs that summarize and provide immediate performance feedback to you. In addition to supporting coaching and development with regular performance input, it also enables your supervisors and quality analysts to calibrate evaluations across centers and streamline the way contact center productivity is measured.

Stevens combination of implementation knowledge, system choice, and ongoing support provides our customers with a realization of value well beyond the initial installation.  Contact us today at ( U.S.) +1 312.895.5200 to learn more.